NMD Dental Tefflon Coated Composite Filling Instruments

NMD Dental Tefflon Coated Composite Filling Instruments

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  • Ergonomic Design with Fine Grip Handles
  • Flat Handle Apply Less Force on the Tooth
  • Curved Beaks
  • Ultra-Light Weight
  • Fine Working Tip
  • Tight Grasping Handles
  • Wide Range of Elevators
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Autoclavable

1.Highly polished , extremely thin blades for easy handling of instruments.

2.Double ended blades with ideal width and length for handling composite.

3.Titanium blue coating , non sticky with composite material.


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1.9 mm Diameter of the handles offers better control on instruments while sculpting.
2.Titanium coating makes the instruments Non-Sticky thereby no need to use separating medium (spirit or monomer ) while 3.handling or shaping the material.
4.These instruments help the dentist to insert, sculpt and contour dental composites with complete ease.
5.Highly polished finish for aesthetic and corrosion resistance .
6.High Degree of precision and flexibility while conducting the clinical procedure.
7.Autoclavable at 135°C (Do not exceed the temperature as it may temper the metallurgy of the instrument).



Composite Instruments Kit

- Advanced technology & innovative design of the kit have enabled us to produce superior composite instruments.
- These composite instruments allow exceptional non - stick placement of materials without discoloring the restoration.
- Titanium Nitride coating resists scratching and minimizes composite tug-back.

These instruments are scientifically designed for -
Easy Placement
Sculpting of Composites

- composite instrument ends should be gently wiped with an alcohol saturated swab / gauze immediately after use.
- This minimizes thin layers of composite from building up after use and extends the life of the instrument.
- Instrument should be then cleaned & sterilized as recommended.


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