Dental Floss with Toothpick

Dental Floss with Toothpick

  • Handy resealable
  • Helps reduce plaque
  • Stimulates and massages gums


1.Floss for Plaque Prevention,Bacteria Prevention ,Enamel Protection. 2.Thoroughly cleans between the teeth 3.Stimulates and massages gums. 4. Helps to reduce plaque build up between teeth Stimulates gums. 5.Toothpick to pick away food particles stuck in your teeth while eating.


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DESCRIPTION; Dental Floss Care with Tongue Cleaner Total clean floss toothpicks are designed to help remove plaque from areas between your teeth that are not cleaned by a toothbrush daily use helps fight unpleasant breath and gingivitis. Gum lines and spaces in between teeth that lack visibility and do not get our attention are prone to periodontal diseases. Food particles and plaque get accumulated and deposited in spaces between teeth and at the gum lines after eating. Helps reduce plaque build-up slides easily between teeth stimulates gums. Handy resealable. Taking good oral care is important for avoiding toothaches. This floss is helpful to remove food particles and dental plaque from between teeth in areas a toothbrush is unable to reach. Better effect highly recommended for daily use 1 pack


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