NMD Nexus Medodent Dental BONDABLE BUTTONS (10pcs/pk)

NMD Nexus Medodent Dental BONDABLE BUTTONS (10pcs/pk)

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Bondable Buttons 10 Pcs

1.The application of elastics

2.Crossbite correction

3.Bonding impacted canine

4.Extrusion of teeth

5.Habit breaking

6.Anchorage augmentation, and

7.Lingual bonded retainer 8.Also aids in the seating and positioning of band as well as accepting maxillary and mandibular appliances such as palatal bars and quad helix appliances.

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Bondable Buttons 10 Pcs Lingual buttons are used in many instances for labial, as well as lingual orthodontics. A simple method is demonstrated to fabricate the lingual buttons chair side. The buttons made are aesthetic as they are made from composite resin and can be successfully bonded anywhere on all tooth surfaces They have many applications in orthodontics such as


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