Thermal active Niti archwires Upper

Thermal active Niti archwires Upper

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Description: 1.Highest force heat activated wire 2.Once ligated, its shape memory becomes active with the patient’s natural body temperature (90°F/32°C). 3.Highly smooth, with a bright finish for reduced friction. 4.Adequate stiffness in small dimensions to deliver optimal forces during initial phase of treatment.

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Features :- 1.Extra smooth finish to reduce friction in Oral Cavity 2.Higher elasticity with Lower rigidity 3.Comfortable to patient 4.Gentle and consistent recovery force Description: Thermal active niti wire Nickel Titanium Archwires reduce the number of archwire changes by remaining continuously active. Thermal active niti wire Nickel-Titanium is completely austenitic at room temperature and delivers constant force for more efficient tooth movement through its advanced metallurgical composition. It's extremely smooth finish reduces friction, allowing teeth to move easily along the archwire. This wire allows alteration for custom bends or loops. Ideally used in orthodontic treatment Manufacturer-NMD, ATLANTA Packaging :- 10pcs/pk

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